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  • Create your own free Social Network

    Launch a homebase for your cause and collaborate. Simplify the organisation of your group and share content with like-minded people. All in your own space where you have control.

    Create your very own and free Social Network. You don't need to be a developer. Just select what you need and get started now.

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  • Your own Social Network in a jiffy!

    Choose a layout and customise the design as much as you want to.

    You can set your community to private or public. Members can join freely or have to be approved of. Your creativity is the limit.

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  • Deep conversations on your own turf!

    Private messaging and comments are only the beginning. Let your members have real conversations in a forum, in blogs or even in a chat.

    Activate modules and features when you need them. You have full control over your network.

    mixxt simplifies your organisation.

  • Save time organising

    mixxt takes your events beyond dates and locations. Connect images and files to events. Show lists of attendees or even fully automated waiting lists. You can even sell tickets.

    Create rich content pages. Build wikis with your members. Foster a file repository of documents or forms. Let your members organise themselves in powerful sub-groups that have their own forums and more.

  • Rich media at your fingertips!

    Images, image galleries, videos and video collections an be added to your network in a matter of seconds.

    Make it easy for your members to share. Even files, complete folders and any other form of relevant content can be shared and collaborated on.

    You will love the ease of administrating all of this!

  • Focus on the important stuff

    Administering your network can be so easy. Just one click in the administration panel puts you in the middle of writing a newsletter or customising the automatic welcome message for new members.

    Stay up to date on what is happening in your network. Promote trusty members to moderators and remove unwanted guests. It's all up to you.

    mixxt lets you focus at last. Build your network without the hassle.

  • How can mixxt be free?

    Yes, mixxt is free. No strings attached. mixxt just wants you start your network without any hassle.

    mixxt will show some ads. You can remove these ads with the smallest premium package available. The mixxt team is working hard to make your social network as powerful and helpful as possible. In fact mixxt wants you to enjoy your own network so much, that you might consider going for a premium package. You can add extra space, new features, your own custom URL and other extras.

    Always remember: mixxt does not share your data with third parties unless you tell us to!

  • The safest Social Network is your own

    The mixxt team believes strongly in privacy and the protection of personal data. Security is one of the most important aspects and we have that covered. Setting your network to "private" will make it just that.

    You have full control over the access levels to your network, not mixxt or anybody else. Lean back and relax when the next big social networking site ignores the privacy settings of its users.

    Just type the name of your Social Network into the input field below and off you go!

Create your own free Social Network

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mixxt premium packages

mixxt premium packages

You can add premium packages to your mixxtFREE Social Network. Remove advertisements, add more space and traffic. You can even remove the mixxt branding. A premium package makes your network more customisable and independant. Check out the Pricing for your own premium Social Network. Want your own Service Level Agreement, your own Terms of Service or full white labeling? Send us an email: WhiteLabel@mixxt.net

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